14 septembre 2022


[JOURNÉES DU PATRIMOINE] Dans le cadre des journées du patrimoine, nos écoles seront ouvertes au public ce samedi de 9h30 à 17h30. Vous pourrez ainsi découvrir nos espaces de travail : campus EATP/EFIATP, hébergements, site de Crespel II pour le CFCTP (des élèves pourront vous guider tout au long de la journée). En ce qui concerne les plateformes d'exercices, vous pourrez vous rendre sur le site de Lapeyre où des démonstrations auront lieu. Pour nos équipes, c'est l'occasion de faire visiter l'ensemble des infrastructures à leurs proches, dans une configuration "journée des familles" N'hésitez pas à venir nombreux !
21 juillet 2022


⚠️​ Le Campus Sylvain Joyeux fait peau neuve ! Durant les travaux de rénovation, d’une durée de un an, le CFCTP Égletons s’installe sur la plateforme de CRESPEL, à proximité du Pôle BTS de l’EFIATP. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour garantir le maintien de la qualité d’accueil de nos stagiaires. N’hésitez pas à nous appeler pour tous renseignements ️ 👉​ 05 55 93 05 18
7 juin 2022


🧑‍🎓 Suivez un parcours 🦺​ Chefs de Chantier avec nous, en alternance au sein du groupe COLAS #travauxpublics #egletons #formationprofessionnelle #formationcontinue #alternance #colas Une question ? N’hésitez-pas à nous contacter : ​ 05 55 93 05 18 /
1 juin 2022


Notre prochaine rentrée pour les formations Chef de Chantier Route / Canalisations / Terrassement
se fera le 5 SEPTEMBRE 2022.
🦺 Ces formations en discontinu sur une période de 18 mois se dérouleront en 3 phases de 5 à 7 semaines chacune :
  • Phase 1 : 05/09 au 07/10/22
  • Phase 2 : 09/01 au 24/02/23
  • Phase 3 : 30/10 au 21/12/23
Une question ? N’hésitez-pas à nous contacter :
👉​ 05 55 93 05 18 /
13 septembre 2022

Precisely what is an Subjective Data Type?

An chuck data type (ADT) is actually a mathematical model of a type of data. It really is defined by the possible prices and the behavior of surgical procedures on the data. This type of info is certainly not derived from any physical representation, but comes from the customer’s point of view. An ADT is useful for describing the behavior of data systems. An ADT is a strategy or model of a data type that makes it possible for the user to create code and define the values and functions that happen to be necessary for your data type. A great ADT is normally defined applying three parts: an abstract junction, the meaning of an operator, and a definition of the values. RATIONAL operator explanations include creation (makerational), addition (add), and multiplication (mult). In addition , a great ADT has a header and post-conditions, but not any pre-conditions. Along with the definition of your data types, get rid of data types can also specify the way the things and treatments are integrated. These houses can be used to shield the data rendering coming from direct access by simply other parts of an program. Additionally , an ADT can be defined […]
13 septembre 2022

Picking VDRs With Security Features

Virtual info rooms (VDRs) are digital spaces just where confidential information is kept and shared. As such, the security is known as a major top priority. A infringement of data can be devastating for your business and individuals. To protect your details, choose a VDR with advanced security features. The following couple of features to consider when picking a VDR. They can be easy to set up and make use of. For anyone who is unsure which features to consider, read client reviews to find out more about the features offered by distinct providers. Costing – The pricing pertaining to VDRs differs depending on how much storage you have to pick, how various users you have and how prolonged you’ll need the VDR designed for. Some VDR providers currently have unlimited ideas, while others price based on the length of your project. To purchase right VDR, get a free trial offer, which allows you to watch what really like to use the VDR. The use – VDRs can integrate with other software. This can boost effectiveness and avoid the hassle of yourself transmitting data. Some VDR providers also allow the usage with effort software. A VDR could be deployed […]
13 septembre 2022

What Is Data Science?

Data technology is the analyze of large levels of data while using the purpose of discovering patterns and insights. These types of data will often be collected from different programs, sectors, and platforms. With advancements in technology, info has become progressively accessible, enabling researchers to assess vast amounts of information. Because of this, a whole fresh field of study contains emerged dedicated to big data. These data sets will be comprised of significant amounts of details and are contributing to improved detailed tools data science research subject information security in a range of market sectors. For example , info can be used to path purchasing habits of individuals, which often can provide regarding their patterns. However , your data must be parsed and studied in order to be utilized effectively, which could be a complicated and time-consuming method. Before beginning any kind of data scientific disciplines project, it is important to understand the challenge that the stakeholders are trying to solve. This permits data scientists to apply appropriate machine learning or perhaps statistical strategies to solve the situation. It is also essential to understand the aim of a info science task. A data man of science should try to answer […]